The trip to the tip could soon get very confusing for some drivers

With the slow return to some sort of normality we will see one tip in Trafford reopen this weekend.

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Trafford tip: Google

It is great news for Trafford residents that a tip is to reopen on 2 May 2020 however with the reopening comes with it a bunch of rules that you must get familiar with:

  • Do not come to the tip if you are in isolation or have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Social distancing measures will be in place
  • Take bagged general waste only
  • An odd and even number plate system will be in place which means you can only come on certain days
  • Cars and small vans only no transit type vans and vehicles with trailers
  • Make sure you do not block access for other road users
  • Take proof of address print or online such as a recent utility or council tax bill you can use a BT phone bill as proof but not a mobile phone bill or a drivers licence as they are not accepted
  • If you have passengers in the car only one person can get out
  • No pedestrian access
  • Staff will not unload your vehicle
  • Queuing outside the tip will be restricted and you may be asked to leave and come back on another day

These rules are going to cause some issues more so the number plate scheme, one ward councillor called it a joke!

For more information on the temporary number plate system click

We think also that drivers will become incredibly frustrated having waited in a long queue down Sinderland Lane then to be told by staff they have to leave.

Staff  will be needed to make sure Sinderland Lane is not blocked at the junction of Woodcote Road, and that cyclists are protected during the madness that will unfold.

As a result of the confusion and frustrated drivers we expect more fly tipping, so someone will need to be watching on Woodcote Road.

A better idea would have been to let 4 or 5 cars in at any one time keeping distance, letting it flow, having a member of staff keep drivers in the loop, and make sure no one is blocking the road.

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