With over 9000 residents in Partington how many people died of COVID-19

With over 9000 people living in Partington we wanted to find out what the statistics was for those that died from COVID-19.

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The Office for National Statistics says that in Partington three people died from the bug, just one death is bad however the chances of getting this virus for 99.9% was next to none and all the distancing thing, all the hysteria was for nothing! or maybe it is what kept the figures down?

Looking at more statistics more males died than female, and the most deaths was from those 70-years-old and over and from dementia.

If you had heart disease you were at serious risk of death where as anyone with diabetes were less likely to die from COVID-19.

In other parts of Trafford deaths did not exceed 20, Old Trafford had three deaths, the entire ward of Timperley 12 people died, Altrincham and wards around it like Bowdon and Hale was around the same figure.

In the Brooklands area of Sale 5 people died, you can check your own area out by clicking https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/deathsinvolvingcovid19englandandwales/deathsoccurringinmarch2020

Partington was one of the safest places in Trafford during the Coronavirus COVID-19 so called pandemic and the chances of catching the virus was virtually nil.

People were alarmed by mainstream media’s fear narrative and chose to believe the guidance set by the government who on a daily basis pushed the blame on to the scientists!  we shall all remember those words “We are guided by the science” what they meant was “Don’t blame us”





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