Work is underway which will see 24 two bedroom apartments built in Partington

Work is now underway on land where the former Greyhound pub used to stand in Partington.

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The building will have 24 two bed apartments and a new junction will be created.

Having seen the building block we are impressed with what we have seen, very modern although it will stick out a bit due to the colour, this though should not be too much of an issue for people.

The documents seen offer very little information about this new build, we have though found out it will be taken over by a housing association.

The Parish Council  for the village are not happy with this new block of flats due to its appearance, we have no idea why they have a problem with it since it looks very modern.

It is true so far that if a house builder or a footballer wants to dump a housing development of a football club in Partington they can do with little or no opposition, maybe this is indeed a culture thing where some people always turned a blind eye, the more they continue to do this the more the problems they will all face.

The huge housing development on Heath Farm Lane and Broadway is done and dusted, same for the site behind Lock Lane and smaller developments like the one on Oak Road and this one on land where The Greyhound pub used to stand.

We have not yet mentioned the possibility of Redrow’s mega huge housing development being built and await the government to decide, what we can say is it has gone through and soon we will have an update on what is to happen.

Land opposite Cross Lane Park as we told you previously has gone up for sale, no one yet has bought it, if it becomes a housing development in the near future you can try and stop this one, and then others unless they satisfy the areas needs, and by then the needs will become more of a desperation since how is anyone going to get anywhere? how are deliveries going to be made? and so on.




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