COVID-19 deaths vs influenza deaths 2020 we have the stats that will shock you

Without question any death from COVID-19 is a tragic situation and we send our condolences to the family and friends of those that have died.

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However looking at the statistics all is not what the government are claiming when they come on TV live for the daily updates.

From March 28 to May 3 in England:

  • Age: 0-19  – Deaths 0
  • Age: 20-39 – Deaths 0
  • Age: 40-59 – Deaths 19
  • Age: 60-79 – Deaths 119
  • Age: 80+ – Deaths 189

Influenza deaths from March 27 to April 17:

  • Age 0-19 – Deaths 77
  • Age 20-39 – Deaths 481
  • Age 40-59 – Deaths 3,033
  • Age 60-79 – Deaths 13,726
  • Age 80+ Deaths 18,501

You can see the full statistics here: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales

You can clearly see that seasonal flu was much higher than COVID-19 and in a smaller period of time, these figures have been double checked and all accurate government statistics.

Just looking at the figures proves beyond all doubt that we did not need any lockdown, we did not need to destroy business and the questions from mainstream media need to be put to the government.

With COVID-19 no longer on the infectious diseases list and other things we have shown you in previous articles we conclude that this was more about fear and control than it was about a supposed deadly virus, whilst some are still biting their nails in fear and cannot move an inch many of the people of this country are waking up to the reality that this was a test on the people, and sadly the majority fell for it.

It is often hard for some to read this, maybe because they fear it is misleading or putting people into trouble, we are not asking you to do anything here! what you choose to believe is up to you, however the above and the other articles are from official documents or official live broadcasts.

We also question what the government have been saying in the early stages of the virus where they are clearly saying that those over 70 must stay inside and next to no contact is to be made, now they are saying “We did not tell those over 70 not to go out and there was no blanket ban”

Keeping people hostage in their own homes just simply through fear is a crime in itself, elderly people need to get out and see some sunshine, not frightened to death because of fear from mainstream media, fear from a Tory government with the biggest liar of our times as the PM.

The lockdown is about to be eased, it needs to be completely eased so normal life can continue, people can wear masks, the distance thing can still be applied although not in smaller shops like Co-op.

In 2015 seasonal flu claimed many more lives, it was one of the worst for the UK in modern times, what happened then? did we have any NHS staff dancing in hallways? did we have a lockdown? did we have a draconian law that gives police more powers they did not need? did we have to queue up outside shops in fear someone might give us a cold?

COVID-19 though is real, it is a virus of sorts, very confusing information from government leading to a range of ideas as to what it is! we got reports that 70% of people who died in China died from blood clotting, 40% of US people died from micro blood clots in the lungs, now we hear that those that died from COVID-19 had died from zero oxygen levels, as if they were at a very high altitude which is confusing medics.

In time we shall find out the real reason as to what COVID-19 was, for now you can sit back a little, knowing you had more chance of being abducted by aliens than you had of getting COVID-19 in any part of Trafford! for example in Partington 3 people died we are incredibly saddened by this, and offer our respects to the families and friends at this time, however over 9000 people live in the village, what are the chances of anyone getting this supposed deadly bug? nil

We have a responsibility to tell you the truth, the facts as we always do!  not the fear and the complete trash from others that have mislead you all this time and probably will continue to do sadly so for some time to come.



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