More 5G infrastructure to be installed in Partington

More 5G mast infrastructure is to be installed in Partington soon.


Work is due to commence on or around Broadway on 25/05/20 and will last four days, the work is classed as low impact with the reference ZV007-20/04/070 (1787933)

We do not expect a new mast to go up here, the company called ‘Zayo’ are specialists in fibre connectivity, they also install small cells which can be found in most places including shopping malls and train stations.

With a 5G mast due to go up on Chapel Lane soon more 5G infrastructure will be installed in the area.

The obvious concerns are the millimetre wave boxes and antennas which we think this company is installing, it will be a slow process, one street and then another, with no trees now left on Broadway this was an obvious choice for the trial of 5G millimetre wave mast or antenna testing.

We wont be able to catch them all out since government have made it easier for engineers to install masts anywhere they like without planning permission, however we have our ways!




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