Leaked documents reveal where Coronavirus came from

As UK PM Boris Johnson confuses the nation we have seen a report from a reputable news organisation about where the Coronavirus came from.

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According to NDTV, they found a leaked document suggesting that the Chinese National Health Commission on 03/01/2020 issued an alert to all regional health commissions and top safety bio labs about pathogenic microorganisms that are infectious among people.

The document laid out guidelines for the prevention and control of a major sudden outbreak of sudden infectious disease, the notice came just days after Wuhan authorities publically confirmed the virus outbreak on Dec 31.

The document prohibited agencies from providing samples or publishing information about the virus without approval.

Another document is seen on biosafety on Jan 14, also mentioned the prevention and control of a major sudden outbreak of an infectious disease.

The health commission asked the pathogenic microbiology labs to conduct a self-evaluation on Jan 15/16 before health officials conducted random inspections from 17/20 Jan, during this time officials in China said the risk to human transmission was low.

On Jan 16 China’s national health commission sent a classified internal notice to regional health commissions about the virus titled “Noval Coronavirus laboratory biosafety guidelines” nothing else was mentioned about this document although it stated at the end of the document “Not for public viewing”

Officials were aware of the risk the virus posed to humans and the lab researchers were then told to wear level 3 biosafety equipment.

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