5G mast to go up on Barton Dock Road in Stretford soon

An O2 (Telefonica) 5G mast and its many cabinets will be installed on Barton Dock Road in Stretford soon.

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The mast with have 6 antennas a GPS module and microwave dish including several cabinets.

With the mast being in an area of industry we expect councillors to approve this application, although we would ask them all to remember that the mast will beam out its signal to residential areas possibly in Stretford or Urmston.

A pre-application was carried out with local ward councillors David Acton, Mike Cordngley, Laurence Walsh and MP Kate Green they all got the information about this mast on 6 March 2020 although the operator has yet to receive a response maybe due to the ongoing issues with the pandemic.

The mast like all of them we know about will soon come with it the millimetre wave masts and antennas which will increase the power significantly thus causing health issues within communities and the movement of wildlife from the area these masts operate in.


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