Coronavirus: Risk of infection is significantly lower outside than inside

UK government issues new guidance as we come from lockdown and confirmed from Wednesday things will slowly get moving again.

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Boris Johnson

One of the most interesting parts of the new guidance was when it said “The risk of infection is significantly lower outside than inside”

Many would be thinking “Hold on a minute! what was the point in a lockdown then?” and they would be accurate! and a very good point to be making.

Other things that will change as we head out of the lockdown are workers are allowed to go to their place of work if it is open, what we found a little odd was the industries the government have mentioned was already working such as construction and in food production.

HS2 and 5G mast engineers were working around the clock it seems!

People will be able to go back on public transport again although it is expected one person to every seat will apply, some or all operators may ask you to wear a face covering such as a mask or scarf.

You do not need to be wearing masks though, all they do is restrict your breathing which is proven to cause stress to the body which as we all know  stresses your immune system, be aware of this fact!, if need be wear a very light snood or look for a breathable mask.

People are now allowed to travel where they want and go where they want so long as you are using social distancing, however this is only in England, if you are heading for Wales, Scotland or Ireland they have different rules.

You can now have unlimited time in parks, actually anywhere and play sports, although not team sports like football games,  basically anything with more than a handful of people.

The worrying part of the new guidance was when it got to the enforcement, it said that the government are looking at more stringent enforcement measures for non-compliance, the government will impose higher fines to reflect the increased risk to others breaking the rules.

If we are coming out of lockdown then surely police will find it incredibly difficult to fine people, what we are thinking is the government will introduce new laws that has nothing to do with any virus, and it is hopeful now Labour are back in business that any new law is looked at closely.

Schools will reopen on June 1st for year one and two with secondary schools opening we think in September, teachers though are upset with the government as many feel safety has not been assured.

All non-essential shops will gradually reopen although it seems this is still under review.

In Summary we seen nurses dancing and clowning around in hospitals through sheer boredom, hospitals empty, nightingale hospitals not needed, that weird morgue in Trafford Park we have been told was hardly used and interestingly nothing mentioned about it since!

The government clearly told those over 70 ” You cannot go out for 12 weeks or see anyone other than a carer” then they back tracked saying “It was not a blanket ban”  on a more statistical front we investigated deeper and found Influenza deaths were way higher than COVID-19 deaths.

We also know that medics were told to put COVID-19 on death certificates even if they did not die from COVID-19, this is why anyone who died could not see the death certificate!

People died simply because they were no longer being treated for serious diseases! that is the real truth of this crisis, doctors closing the doors, and anyway who would go to a doctors knowing this supposed deadly virus was hanging around!

So many facts and much more about what has been going in recent times could get people very confused.

We will though never forget as we head out of this crisis how bad mainstream media was to the UK public more so at the start, we do not once blame any journalists  but those above them who installed a fear programme like never before, a needless show of utter rubbish that made many people in the UK quiver like a jelly, using manipulative language that would make Richard Bandler resign had he been alive.

Social media was a circus, more so on Twitter but so many people told the truth those from alternative media, even normal members of the public coming out and questioning what was going on was telling the truth, mainstream media though continued scaring people.

With this crisis not over just yet, we have to remember some important things, we now understand where this bug came from, it was nothing to do with 5G! and we can assure you now that just simply looking at the stats you had more chance of being abducted by aliens than catching any virus.

For those who have died (many not from COVID-19) we bow our heads in the deepest sadness, and we send our condolences to the family and friends at this time.

You can read the full government document: FINAL_6.6637_CO_HMG_C19_Recovery_FINAL_110520_v2_WEB__1_ (1)

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