A new 5G mast to go up only yards away from a Stretford school

Another O2 (Telefonica) 5G mast is to be installed at the back of Circle Court in Stretford only yards away from a school.

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The mast will be 20 metres in height and will have 6 antennas and several base stations, the exact location is at the side of a subway on Moss Vale Crescent.

This mast is also not that far from the Barton Dock Road where O2 are looking to install a 5G mast at that location.

We are concerned with the location of these masts which will affect a huge residential area and of course Barton Clough Primary School which basically is in between both these masts although much nearer is the Mose Vale Crescent mast.

5G is a dangerous technology and we ask councillors to first understand how 5G works and more importantly how different it is to what we have always had, to remember about your own council run CCTV system that although nowhere near as powerful still adds to the EMF total.

ICNIRP guidelines are way out of date and is time limited, for example they go on about exposure limits of up to 4 minutes, 5G is 24/7, to this date 400 doctors in Brussels have signed an open letter to the government to halt 5G, Switzerland have also looked at 5G and other places around the world have halted it entirely due to health concerns.

We understand the financial benefits might be clouding councillors judgements.

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