Work continues at a fast pace on housing developments in Partington

Whilst many people were in a lockdown due to Coronavirus work continued on a few housing developments in Partington.

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Lots going on in ‘Greater Partington’ over the past few weeks as work continued on Heath Farm Lane, and the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Other work in the past week or so got underway on the grounds of the former Greyhound Pub, and finally on the Central Road housing development.

We have not yet been to the Oak Road part of the area to see if work has started on the 86 new flats where the Redbrook pub used to be, we have that on our radar though and will update in a later article of any work that is being done.

The work though on Heath Farm Lane has taken off and we expect the first houses or flats to start being built soon, we noted much of the bushes and trees on the opposite side of where work is going on at Broadway has been removed.

On Central Road where the old library and doctors used to be, and that boarding that had been there for almost a lifetime has now come down and workmen have been clearing everything so building 14 new homes can get underway.

It could be the government will say ‘Yes’ like the man from Delmonte to Redrow soon, which will mean immediate work will start on the Warburton Lane housing development.

Busy Partington it is, lots of things going up, and existing residents have told us how worried they are, no new schools, no new roads, the shopping facilities are nowhere near good enough to cope, medical facilities will struggle even though we have been told Washway Road Health Centre doctors will help out, a new clinic will need to be built! and that will not happen.

The new name for Partington will also mean in the next couple of years or so they will no longer be a standalone village, swallowed up by thousands of new houses and apartments all around them and hours each day waiting in huge traffic jams, on buses, waiting all day for parcels and delays to post, shops struggling to fill up shelves fast enough, some things won’t even be delivered, a new panic buying issue could well happen!

What can you do? well, not a lot now sadly, it is too late, maybe a move out before its too late might be an option, even then though Trafford unless we get the cycle infrastructure in place in other parts, will see a huge increase in traffic and the population rise significantly as other housing developments start appearing.

Old Trafford has a major problem with two mega-sized housing developments due to be built soon, fortunately, one housing development was kicked into the bin by councillors in Old Trafford in recent times, we think this was more about Manchester United than car parking, although we admit that car parking for the Chester Road development was poor.

Many more people in Trafford = more people = more cars =more pollution = more deaths, we could go on with this, for every housing development that goes up, some other part of Trafford will also be affected, the knock-on effect for all of Partington’s new houses and apartments will be huge for areas around it., the same with the Old Trafford houses and apartments.

The difference, of course, is Old Trafford has many shops and better medical infrastructure than Partington, it has more roads although they will also see big traffic jams, however, it won’t always be like this, they have better public transport, right next to Stretford Mall, Chorlton, Manchester City Centre and so on.

Partington will struggle and we have not even mentioned the proposed housing development that could be approved on the former Partington Social Club site! or the 5 Acre space that has gone up to potential house builders opposite Cross Lane Park!

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