Temporary mortuary in Trafford Park placed on standby


Temporary mortuary in Trafford Park is no longer needed.

Mortuary 07

With the deaths of Covid-19 being so low in Trafford the temporary mortuary was no longer needed and has now been placed on standby.

It is not known if it was used during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic such is the secrecy over the green house style mortuary.

The facility though will remain available if it is needed in the future.

Assistant Chief Constable for Greater Manchester Police, Nick Bailey, said:

“I’m pleased to say that we’re now in a position where operation of the facility can be reduced.

“This additional facility has performed a crucial role in providing the extra capacity Greater Manchester needed during these unprecedented times.

“Thankfully, it has only been necessary to use a small percentage of the site’s total potential capacity, but it is only right that we prepared for the worst-case scenario.

“It has helped ensure burial services were able to continue as routinely as possible and allowed us to continue treating those who sadly passed away with the dignity and respect they deserve.

“I’m very proud of our officers and staff who rose to the challenge of setting up the site at very short notice, and I’d like to thank all our partner agencies for their assistance and support.

“I’d particularly like to thank those officers and staff from GMP who volunteered to operate the temporary mortuary, the majority of whom will now return to their usual roles within the force.

“A small number of staff will remain at the facility. All those who have been involved in its operation will be fully supported during their phased redeployment over the coming weeks.”

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