Motorists speeding on the rise during lockdown in Trafford

Since the ‘partial’ lockdown started due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic Trafford has seen a increase in speeding motorists.


It is thought the clear roads are making it easier for people to travel a little bit faster than normal, in most cases motorists have been putting their foot down testing out how fats their cars really can go.

Only yesterday an individual captured two cars travelling as he put it “At least 80 to 90mph” down Warburton Lane in Partington.

Other reports have seen many high powered cars going three to four times the speed limit on Washway Road in Sale, in one incident a green Porsche car was seen doing around 70 to 80mph and almost crashed the car at Eastway.

We have heard of other reports of cars, vans and even buses going much faster than normal.

This is just insane behaviour, it needs to stop before someone is killed, if caught by the police you will be in a lot of trouble for behaving so bad, remember one crucial thing here! you! might be a great driver, able to handle anything, in full control of your vehicle, with an almost supernatural power of focus, however, the person in the other car may well be half-asleep and move out in front of you whilst you are doing 90mph and from nowhere.

A cat or a dog could leap out from nowhere, even a cyclist who normally has to have supernatural powers of focus could be in the way for one reason or another, you apply your breaks at them speeds well you can guess the rest.

We suggest to everyone to stick to the legal speeds for the road you are on, take greater care and the power will be with you, whilst it might seem like a laugh, it might be that laugh that could see you fighting for your life in hospital then nothing about your actions is funny.



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