Police get many reports of possible breaches of Covid-19 social distancing rules

Trafford police had to deal with 35 reports of what the claim as ‘possible breaches’ in the social distancing measures that are designed to keep everyone safe from Covid-19.

In just two hours yesterday 20 May 2020 police got reports of street parties in Old Trafford, over 30 people playing football in Partington, large groups causing problems in Urmston, 30 youths causing problems at Trafford Retail Park, BBQs in Altrincham and around 15 kids playing in a park in Sale.

Police got further reports of anti social behaviour at street parties during the rest of the evening.

Chief Inspector Nasim said: “I can appreciate continuing to follow the Government guidance to protect your health can be difficult as the weeks have turned into months, however the vast majority of Trafford residents are following the social distancing measures to keep their family and friends safe.

“Unfortunately a small minority seem to think Covid-19 is no longer an issue as they ignore the advice and put themselves and those around them at risk.”

Police are saying the majority of issues during the evening were related to younger people, they have a limited amount of officers and try to attend as many reports as possible to engage and educate and where necessary prosecute those that continue to ignore advice.

We can say that no one has done any social distancing in parks or on the Bridgewater Canal tow path here in Trafford since the ‘partial lockdown’ was eased.

It is unknown why this is, although confusion by Government might have a big part to play, for example you can now go into parks or anywhere and have the full freedom you once had, that means everyone! so if everyone is in a park or a lot of people how the hell are they to seperate?

The same goes for The Bridgewater Canal Tow Path, without a doubt this is constantly full from Sale to Timperley.

We have to also remember that Government guidance is not a law as such, police cannot use this against you! if anyone is prosecuted simply because they did not follow guidance can be contested, although you will have to go to a court.

In the end social distancing is not rocket science, its not hard to do and we hope that people follow the guidance to ensure your safety and all those around you.

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