Trafford Council plans to make one big cycle lane from Altrincham to Stretford

Likely place for a cycle lane as it heads towards Altrincham

Traffford Council leader Andrew Western has today published plans to help cyclists and walkers in the borough.

We do not yet know how the council is going to close of a lane of the A56 which will commence on 15 June 2020, it is thought that the trials on Edge Lane and other places in Stretford where traffic cones have been used will be the preferred and cheaper opttion.

Cycling infrastructure needs to be built, having traffic cones is not a great idea, we know that for the most part the traffic cones on Edge Lane in Stretford and of course in other parts are to help with social distancing and helping to improve cycle safety which ultimately puts more bums on saddles.

Edge Lane Stretford: Video N4TX

A video done shows that it made no difference to cycling safety or social distancing.

If the A56 scheme is just cones which we believe it will be, this will not have cost £30m, it will make a big difference on Chester Road, however it still wont help improve safety, frustrated car drivers will simply kick them out of the way.

We are though happy that the council is actually doing something after all this time, and many cycling deaths and injuries, it is a step in the right direction, we simply want more than just cones!

The public will also get a say in where they want to see lane closures, and we will have more on that next week.

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