UK Government to remove all Huawei 5G infrastructure by 2023

Huge mast site Stretford: Image Darren Marsden

The UK Government who have been under constant pressure to ban all of Huawei’s 5G infrastructure which includes masts and base stations will now be kicking them out by 2023.

It is claimed that Huawei is linked in some way to the military and the suspicions are that the Chinese could be using it for more than what it was intended for.

This action will of course please US president Donald Trump, however it will strain relations with the Chinese, things are already bad after we found a report saying that something sinister went on at the Wuhan Bio Lab, shortly after many people had died of COVID-19 which spread around the world.

Many people do not want 5G because no safety tests have ever been produced, and networks including politicians always end up back at ICNIRP (International Commision of Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) with the guidelines written in 1998.

ICNIRP we believe are now resolving the issues and are updating guidelines.

Having Huawei 5G equipment taken down is one thing, so what happens to the 4G and 3G equipment? of course mobile networks have Nokia and Ericsson infrastructure, if Huawei got funny about it all and decided to completely pack their bags, our mobile networks will be way short of the masts needed for any type of coverage.

The UK government needs to tread carefully or have in place more Nokia and Ericsson masts so we can retain the fairly good quality 3G and 4G signal we all take granted for at this time.

(We are to update things on 14 July as the UK government decides what it will do with Huawei look out for a new article)

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