Over 100 new trees planted to replace the thousands chopped down in Trafford

Trees felled on Broadway in Partington: Image Darren Marsden

Trafford will get 162 new trees to be planted in Stretford as part of the Governments Urban Tree Challenge Fund.

Since the start of the 5G roll out Trafford has seen thousands of trees hacked down so Mobile Phone mast engineers could make a line of sight so where the mast points to so people will be able to get a signal.

Some trees had to be chopped down due to safety reasons.

The new trees will be planted in parts of Stretford and Old Trafford in places where it does not cause problems with any 5G signal.

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) is a £10 million government fund for planting both large and small trees in and around towns and cities in England, being delivered by The Forestry Commission as part of their work to expand woodland and tree cover across England.

In total over 2,500 trees will be planted across the region including 650 small sapling trees which many will die and for those that do survive will take around 30-years to make any impact on the air we breathe! and crucially just over 1,900 large, high impact trees, contributing to Greater Manchester’s 5 Year Environment Plan (2019-2024) and its vision of a clean, carbon neutral, climate resilient city region with a thriving natural environment.

Cllr Adshead, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change, said:

This is fantastic news for everyone in the region and I am delighted that some of these trees will be planted in the Stretford area. Trees are not only beautiful to look at but are of vital importance to our environment. They help in the battle against climate change and provide a massive boost to those living in urban areas. This supports Trafford Council’s priority to provide a greener and cleaner future for everyone across the borough.”

Trafford has lost thousands of trees also to housing developments, all trees have gone on Heath Farm Lane in Partington, hundreds of trees gone next to it on Broadway, many more trees have gone from a housing development behind Lock Lane and Hall Lane in Partington.

Soon and if RedRow get their way and are given the thumbs up to build a huge hybrid development on the borders of Warburton and Partington many more trees will be felled.

Looking at the weekly planning lists each week you can see many trees planned to come down.

162 trees given back to Trafford whilst on the one side of the coin is a good thing, on the other its a complete farce as Trafford continue to chop down its trees.

In a perfect world we want Trafford to stop cutting down our trees, halt 5G immediately and then replant all these new trees, the reality is sadly way different

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