Are the Tories gambling with people’s lives easing the lockdown or could it be something else?

Boris Johnson

The UK government has eased the lockdown measures that could be risking the lives of thousands of people or maybe not!

From the outset we was sceptical about the virus, sure something was going on and like everyone else complied with what the government asked, social distancing and so on.

Our research was deeper than most, and we did not just go along with what the Government was saying, so we had a wider amount of information and all official sources.

We was first to report on the HCID saying clearly that actually this virus was no longer infectious, this remember was early on when the virus was starting to spread.

It was not long before the government’s own advice started to change, now from what was a deadly disease to “For the majority this Coronavirus is no more than a mild cold or flu and for the unfortunate few they will need hospital treatment”

Then a tired looking Boris Johnson managed to get the virus, and was taken to a ward where seriously ill patients tend to be, the type that are fighting for their lives for whatever reason, he was sat up joking about and not on any oxygen!

We saw pictures of empty hospitals, nurses so bored they were seen dancing in hallways, of course not all! however was still not a professional thing to be doing at a time of national emergency!

The statistics started to become a little odd, we checked and re checked and found in just one month more people had died of seasonal influenza than COVID-19 and it is still the same today!

We asked staff at care homes, they all said no one had died, no one was unwell and no one could understand what the hysteria was all about, although of course we only asked some at care homes here in Trafford, not all will have been so lucky.

At that time we checked Trafford’s death statistics, 3 died in Partington (no indication it was from COVID-19) 5 died in Brooklands area of Sale (No indication it was from COVID-19) the official statistics included people that did not have COVID-19 but was labelled as having the virus.

Did the lockdown make any difference? maybe it did! and the social distancing measures could have played some part in keeping the figures low, for that people all over the world should be proud of themselves helping others to keep safe.

Keep safe from what though? does anyone really know what this virus is? how can anyone get a vaccine if you don’t know what your are treating, only guessing! this is a good point to be making.

We have heard the conspiracy, people’s opinions, and it really has painted a confusing picture all around the world.

Will easing the lockdown be a good or bad thing? it is hard to tell, we have to keep the country moving, any more months in lockdown would have been another disaster even bigger since now millions will be jobless, Cafes and pubs and your local Chinese will have had to shut down for good.

Councils up and down the UK are now finding themselves in the red, Trafford apparently has used its reserves and needs urgent cash from this government without which more headaches are to come, austerity like we have never seen it before.

Boris Johnson and his big team of puppets will be crossing fingers and toes as time elapses in the hope they got this easing of the lockdown right, if not thousands of people will die and then it will be blamed on them…we hope they got this one right.

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