Hundreds of people protest in Manchester over the death of George Floyd in the US

Hundreds of people turned up to protests in Manchester over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Video showing how the man died sparked rage in many areas of the United States, a policeman was seen trapping Mr Floyds neck in a way that could have even broke his neck.

Cop kneels on George Floyds Neck in the US

It was clear to us that Mr Floyd was already restrained and no further action was needed at that time from the officer, it was not clear if he had the man in cuffs, Mr Floyd told the officer that he could not breathe, he died at the same spot.

Rioting in several states commenced after his death, having seen further videos we can see police tactics are over the top, in one video we saw protesters being rammed by two very large police vehicles, this is not helping the situation.

The people are legion, they are many more than any police force even with the national guard, the more they continue with tactics that are actually harming people that are just incredibly upset despite the officer who helped kill George Floyd the more the problems.

We suggest to every state in the US for the police forces to have a re-think on tactics, people have the right to free speech, have the right to protest in a legal way, it seems some officers do not go along with this.

The same issues could start here in the UK, whilst here in Greater Manchester we have ‘some’ of the most responsible and caring officers of anywhere, many would agree it would take just one crazy officer to do something stupid now for a mega riot to take place.

Many people are already annoyed with the drama called ‘Coronavirus’ and the confusion that it brought, people are sick of it, some are incredibly angry and the police are going to have to be careful not to light the fuse on what we predict to be the worst rioting we have ever seen.

For the family and friends of George Floyd we send our condolences and we stand together with everyone ‘peacefully’ protesting in the US and here in the UK.

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