Concerning data shows how many people with learning disabilities died in care and from Covid-19

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Data has now been published by ONS (Office of National Statistics) about how many people with learning disabilities which includes those with autism died as the result of Covid-19.

We are deeply concerned about the amount of people with learning disabilities who died whilst receiving care from services.

Of the 386 people who have died this year, 206 were as a result of suspected and/or confirmed COVID-19 as notified by the provider and 180 were not related to COVID-19

The CQC has stated that the percentage of deaths in the period stated above has risen 134% on the same time last year.

We are incredibly concerned at the rate of deaths and it is hoped that as a result of this article some answers will be given to the families of the deceased as to what has gone wrong outside of Covid-19 and for this to be put right so no more people die.

Some 165 people with learning disabilities are known to have died in the same period in 2019.

Although no one knows why these people without Covid-19 died, we know mental health services are stretched to the limit and expect that to snap soon as more people require help, this though alone does not and should not mean any social worker or any other mental health professional sits on the job, (we know many though are doing magical work in a dreadful situation these people are the real stars of the NHS)

You can read the easy read report here https://www.cqc.org.uk/sites/default/files/20200602_learning_disability_deaths_data_EASY_READ.pdf

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