Heads up! Big road closure soon in Trafford

One of the biggest and most used roads is to close soon that will cause some headaches for motorists all over Trafford.

The entire length of Carrington Lane is closed from 22 June 2020 until 26 June 2020, although no further information is available we think it is for road resurfacing and with some hope a proper cycle lane will also be built from proper infrastructure and not plastic cones!

If you are coming from Partington and want to go to Sale you will need to go down the mile road and down Church Lane and onwards to Stretford and on to Sale, another route you could take is down Sinderland Lane to Broadheath and turn left at the A56 Manchester Road and onwards to Sale.

Carrington Spur is not affected so people coming from Sale and other places that side of Trafford will be fine.

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