Radiation burns from 5G towers likely according to a study

Masts: Image Darren Marsden

According to a study we have read radiation burns could become widespread once the 5G roll out has been completed.

The study says Radiation burns can also occur with high power 5G transmitters at any frequency where the body absorbs radio frequency energy and converts it to heat.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers 50 watts to be the lowest power above which radio stations must evaluate emission safety. Frequencies considered especially dangerous occur where the human body can become resonant at 35 MHz, 70 MHz, 80-100 MHz, 400 MHz, and 1 GHz.

Exposure to microwaves of too high intensity can cause microwave burns, the frequencies of 5G will be 3.8GHz per cell, so a 5G tower will have either 6 or 12 antennas, the power of a 4G mast is just 2.6GHz.

When the millimetre wave antennas are fitted you will see a gigantic amount of non-ionising radiation in the environment, one of these things can ramp it up to 300GHz although unlikely we will see that much here in the UK.

Another study found because of the thermal effect of higher power transmitters like 5G more people who suffer from eczema will find symptoms becoming worse.

The networks and engineers will play this down just to make money, that is all they care about in all of this, it will have cost the network a fortune to buy the spectrum needed for 5G and so will be only looking not only to get that money back but to increase its profits.

At this time the World Health Organisation has still not decided if its safe and will have to wait until 2022 before a statement is released, just in good time as by then the millimetre wave antenna deployment in the UK will have started.

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