Youths smash an elderly man’s green house and threaten him with a baseball bat in Partington

Bottom of Lock Lane Partington: Image Google

Police responded to an incident that happened at around 7.45pm yesterday (7 June 2020) in Partington

A group of youths were walking past Mill Bank Hall Farm which is located at the bottom of Lock Lane, some of the group decided to throw bricks through the windows of an elderly man’s green house.

The occupant who is 75-years-old and battling cancer drives towards the group and bravely remonstrates with the group of youths and asks questions as to why he had been targeted, it was then one member of the group allegedly threatened him with a baseball bat.

Soon after the elderly man was pulled from his vehicle and a youth then got in his car and started to rev the accelerator, the car was then subjected to being pelted with stones before the group moved on in the direction of Oak Road Park.

Police believe some of the group are part of a gang who they claim are regularly causing issues at the Oak Road Shops.

They go on to say that there will be consequences for those involved when identified, they will now be working with local partner agencies in the area to target those that contiue to be involved in mindless Anti Social Behaviour with a chilling message to the group and anyone else who causes any more trouble in the area “A line has been crossed”

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