Little Britain comedy series taken off the BBC, Netflix and Britbox

Little Britain sketch Fat Fighters

The comedy programme Little Britain that starred Matt Lucas and David Walliams has been taken off the BBC, Netflix and Britbox due to objections from some people over its racial and other apparent offensive content.

Objections have also come in from LGBT community due to the show’s gay and transvestite characters although it is not known what the complaints were about.

Little Britain was and still is an incredibly funny show, due to what has since happened with George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests many people are understandably sensitive to the racial content.

It does go to far though with the racial content, Lucas and Walliams characters where they play two old lady’s named as Maggie and Judy going from table to table testing out jam and marmalade, Walliams character Maggie can be seen vomiting as soon as an Indian or Pakistani name is mentioned, or in one sequence where she finds out a black person made a scone.

Lucas character Marjorie Dawes a weight loss coach could be deemed as a racist when ever she picks out someone who is not white including an Indian woman who whenever she speaks pretends he cannot understand her.

Many other characters both actors played were thought to be racist, and would have caused some people to be offended, more so in these times.

The show took the ‘you know what’ out of just about every part of society, however we believe it was not meant to offend anyone and because it was made with the best intentions should have remained on all platforms with maybe a warning telling people that some content could be offensive to some people.

As of now if you still want to watch Little Britain! it is still on UK Gold via Now TV and Amazon Prime, we suggest if you are not offended to download some or all of the series from Amazon Prime so you will be guaranteed to be able to watch the programmes in full forever.

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