Coned off cycle lanes in Trafford could last 18-months

With the pop up cycle lanes comes with it not only dangers for cyclists themselves but for upcoming motorists road rage.

Coned off cycle lane: Image Darren Marsden

The scheme actually was to keep cyclists away from runners and walkers which is no bad thing, it improves safety for all, well to a degree!

We kept hearing and reading that these cones that you will see running from Chester Road in Old Trafford all the way through to Altrincham both ways was a ‘Temporary’ measure’ a councillor though confirmed to a resident over night that it could last for 18-months! for it to be forever it will need to go to consultation.

We expect by next week most of the work with the cones will have been done, it is also expected that as more and more business start to open more cars will be seen on the roads, it will be interesting to read all the social media posts from motorists complaining, some may go even further and go through the lanes themselves we have already witnessed this.

As an example of how bad some drivers can be ask a Manchester Marathon steward! on one occasion at ‘The Avenue’ in Sale one driver threatened the steward, who was actually being very nice considering the abuse he got, the driver wanted to go to Altrincham but the road was closed.

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