Vulnerabilities in 4G and 5G networks could prove costly

Mobile Masts: Image Darren Marsden

A report published today by a cyber security firm who deals with mobile phone networks has revealed that all mobile networks are vulnerable to attack by criminals.

Positive Technologies who also has Sky Mobile as a client have pushed out a statement telling networks about how attackers could use a thing called GTP protocol (GPRS Tunnelling Protocol) and dos attacks which would result in an outage, and fraud.

A Denial of Service (DOS) attack on a mobile network would mean a huge outage and if the attacker continues the attack the damage done to the network could be very costly.

From several documents read it seems some security is being carried out as the 5G masts go up, however not enough is being done and so leaving a backdoor open to attackers.

5G itself is not a safe technology with very high frequencies that will cause health problems and cause existing health issues like eczema to become worse, our concerns go further as networks send letters to schools about a new 5G mast they have planned for a certain area, something they did not do when building 4G networks.

You can read the full report about the security concerns here https://positive-tech.com/storage/5G-Research_A4.pdf

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