Lightning like we have never seen it before here in Trafford

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

During the day the North and west of Trafford had some bad weather leading to some flooding issues in Urmston and around the intu Trafford Centre, it resulted in some car collisions near to the M60.

Whilst the rain came down and flooded some properties in Urmston, the South and East of the borough continued to enjoy warm sunshine right through until around 8.30pm.

The normal daylight ended! everything went dark and on came the lights! this was to be the ‘Come on watch’ lightning show, and what a show nature put on for us, residents have never seen anything like this before, with so many lightning strikes people lost count.

We got our cameraman out to take some footage and even he was amazed by the lightning show and how long it lasted for, the wind picked up a bit, although rain was falling as can be heard in the video it was not as much as what the roads around the intu Trafford Centre explerienced.

This was truly an amazing display of power one we are glad we captured for our readers to see.

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