Police in the US kill more white people according to the statistics

We are all fully aware of the lunatic police officer in the US killing George Floyd, the sheer madness of this event sparked protests all over the world.

Here in the UK the majority of people at the ‘Black Lives Matter ‘events just wanted to have a say, they were all disgusted at the way George Floyd was treated, and also to remember him and to pay their respects.

The statistics though is interesting, we have heard some people thinking that if you are a black man you are more likely to get shot or killed some other way by an officer in the US, well not so! according to statistics last year 331 white men died at the hands of a police officer and 212 were black.

888 men were killed in 2019 and 42 were female, 41 men died not armed! 538 had a gun, 159 people had a knife, 63 people were shot as they had an ‘other’ weapon, 60 people died because of a vehicle (chase) and 23 people died because of a toy weapon.

These are interesting statistics (Washington Post via Statista) , we are aware of a white man who died the same way as George Floyd did last year, with an officer kneeling on his neck in Texas, and got no coverage, no one marched, no one protested, it is unsure why that was.

This article is about the statistics more than any one event, however it does help to understand the true problems in the US, this is not about race but about statistics and merely an observation on the realities that sometimes are in the shadows.

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