Police step up patrols in Flixton after reports of blow torch burglaries

Home security to beat the blow torch burglar

Police received reports of a burglary in the early hours of 18 June 2020 on Kendal Avenue in Flixton.

Offenders use blow torches to melt rear patio locks off patio doors to gain entry and it seems to be an ever increasing issue not just in Trafford but elsewhere.

Police are asking the public to look at buying an indoor patio lock, this will prevent the offenders using this method of breaking into your home, they say most burglars want to operate with the occupants unaware of their presence and will avoid confrontation.

A torched door

Burglars are using blow torches to heat door handle back plates and burn the PVC skin of the door, so that they can more easily access the euro cylinder door lock and affect a lock snapping attack.

One they have snapped the euro cylinder lock, the burglar can manipulate the lock mechanism, as though they were turning the key and that’s how they get into your property.

Officers are working with colleagues across the Force to target burglary offenders & regularly patrol hotpot areas.

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