Pop up cycle lanes causing congestion headaches for motorists in Trafford

Cyclist in a pop up cycle lane: pic Darren Marsden

The pop up cycle lanes were designed for social distancing more than safety here in Trafford and has gone down well with many cyclists, however it has caused big traffic jams on the A56.

With the coned off lanes taking one lane either side leaving motorists with only one lane both ways we will soon see miles of cars going nowhere, whilst we want to see more safer cycling routes, no one can completely forget about the motorist.

Motorists will soon get fed up of the congestion, we are also becoming concerned about how our emergency services are going to get through, will they have to take the cycle lanes?

Our prediction is more motorists and motorbikes will be seen in the pop up cycle lanes putting cyclists at serious risk, we have already seen this happen.

Motorists will also find some other route which will block up side roads, traffic will be at a standstill for hours during peak times, and looking at the traffic on a Sunday afternoon its crazy out their with huge queues from Stretford all the way through past Marsland Road in Sale.

Standing traffic also causes more pollution this is factual so the council who recently tweeted they are a “Green” council really are not a green council they are a pollution friendly council and have still done nothing after declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ at the back end of 2018.

For cyclists these lanes are exciting, they give more space, and in some areas a little bit more safety, we shall keep a close eye on things as the cones continue south bound towards Altrincham

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