Do not leave hand sanitiser in the car during the warm weather due to fire risk

Police are advising people not to be leaving hand sanitiser in the car during the warmer weather due to a fire risk.

Alcohol based hand sanitisers can heat up and releases vapours that reaches a flash point and ignites setting fire to flammable components of the car.

Cars have already been set alight due to this and you are strongly advised to remove all alcohol based products from your vehicle.

This does not mean to stop using the sanitiser if you cannot wash your hands, it is a good thing to continue using sanitiser to protect yourself.

You can view the full alert here: https://www.fia.uk.com/uploads/assets/e4b15d50-457f-461c-a896b17cdc20c83c/NHS-Property-Alcohol-Hand-Sanitiser-Vehicle-Fires.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0mx30QEWAPJYtTIUp2ymWLtu0fI9sNGlaooTOMcl_osa1_PWFxnP_ppoo

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