Keep your valuables safe when you are out and about

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

Using some common sense when you go out and about will mean what you bring with you will be still with you when you get back home.

Pick pockets use tactics to get your property, the thief on the street more often than not will have seen what you have got and may try to use violence in order to get what he or she wants.

You may have heard or seen police tell you not to be showing your mobile phone or some other gadget in public, trying to keep it hidden is one of the best techniques you have, the reality of the saying ‘What they can’t see they do not know about’ is really true, this is common sense thinking!

Pick pockets though have more front than a garden gate!, they use a range of tactics, the one often used is the push and grab, and it works every time even if you think you are alert! it works like this:

Pickpocket will notice your phone in your back pocket sometime before he or she strikes, often pickpockets work in gangs and the message will have circled sometime about you! someone will walk past you, however will pretend to bump into you hitting your arm fairly hard.

Your attention will go straight to the arm and nothing else! try it now! get your pal or a family member to bump into you, where did your attention go?

Because your attention is on your arm the pickpocket has your mobile, possibly even the contents of your other pockets if he or she is great at it, speed of these pickpockets are quicker than Usain Bolt running for a bus!

This is serious stuff here! this is how they work, other tactics will probably be by distraction, so by the time you notice they are long gone, and the panic starts to set in, no phone, no money, possibly your keys, your car keys! anything that you had in your pockets gone in a blink of an eye.

Do not fall for this! keep mobile phones, valuables out of view, never put a phone in your back pocket! keys,money and anything valuable should be in a front zipped pocket, better still to be inside a jacket.

Keep keys on a strong lanyard!

In warmer weather, keep your mobile in the front pocket, if you have a huge phone then leave this at home! bring with you a smaller device, showing off your new phone could be showing it off to criminals!

Do not give them things for free, keep your valuables out of sight.

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