Pop up cycle lanes: Trafford Council offer a statement

Cycle pop up lane: Pic Darren Marsden

The coned off cycle lanes from Sale south bound were only around for a day and many cyclists took to social media to complain.

We know the real reason for why the council moved back the cycle lanes to Dane Road in Sale, too many cars blocking Cross Street and Washway Road, the situation was so bad that people were stuck for hours in traffic jams.

Nothing could compare with what was seen, on a normal day traffic during peak hours is dreadful, however with the pop up cycle lanes the traffic was backed up for miles all day not just a couple of hours as would be normal.

The statement read:

The local authority has today moved the cycle lane back from Ashfield Road junction to the Dane Road junction of the A56 to help traffic flow.

Trafford Council has been reviewing cycle lanes in the area based on traffic data and yesterday adjusted the A56 scheme by moving it back to Sibson Road. The Council installed the cycle lanes during the Coronavius pandemic as a result of calls from the government to provide more road space for cycling and walking.

Andrew Western, Leader of Trafford Council, said: “Since the easing of lockdown, the traffic situation in Sale was becoming unmanageable so we have taken the decision to pull back the cycle lanes to Dane Road. We had followed Government advice to re-designate road space for walking and cycling and the scheme progressed with only minimal disruption to traffic in the initial stages. This has now changed so we have listened to people’s opinions and acted accordingly.”

The Council is actively working with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to provide an alternative cycle route from Sale through to Altrincham in addition to new temporary and permanent cycling infrastructure throughout the borough.

Now let’s look at that last bit closer, what can be done to provide cyclists with an alternative route? back roads? and what about permanent cycling infrastructure? it seems most of any money that this council gets always goes to Stretford! everywhere else gets the crumbs! and the good people of Partington sadly gets vapour.

We need this council to be brave! and get Network Rail to hand over the abandoned rail line and make it into a cycle and walk/run path, making sure no off road motorbikes can get on it, this would save cyclists lives on the dangerous Sinderland Lane, it would also help give Partington people get the motivation to get cycling again.

The Trafford Cycle Forum do lots of great work for cyclists, and we know how difficult it is to get any type of infrastructure, Trafford was designed for the car after all, it would need the council to redesign the entire area and of course that is not going to happen.

This reality leaves cyclists with next to real hope of anything being done for them and instead get obscure remarks from a council trying hard to score brownie points.

Cyclists have been pushed aside by the both the Tories and Labour, talk is not good enough, they have had enough of talking, whilst this is going on more people are sadly being killed on our roads, action is needed not false promises.

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