Sim swap fraud goes up by 400% in the last few years

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Be aware of the sim swap fraud scam where fraudsters try to gain control of your account and then your bank details.

A report by consumer group Which has said that the fraud has gone up by 400% in the past five years and is still on the rise.

What will happen is the fraudster will gain information about you from emails, texts and even social media so be wary what you say, often a password would be a pets name, never give out your age online.

One they have your details they will show up at a mobile phone shop, or more likely to apply for a new sim online, or they could do a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) to another network.

If you get a text message saying a new sim has been ordered or will be activated in the next day, and you did not order one then you could be in trouble, you need to change all passwords even your email address.

Tell the bank with immediate effect if you think you have been victim of this crime.

To protect yourself better use different passwords, if something comes up online asking you to choose which school you first attended, do not answer with correct details choose something different.

This is targeted, so whatever you do make sure you do not give away any details about yourself online, remember more so on Twitter you never know who is behind that name, they could come across as being nice, talk to you like a pal, this is how you end up giving away small details about yourself and in to trouble.

You can find out more on Sim Swap fraud and how to further protect yourself here: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2020/04/sim-swap-fraud-how-criminals-hijack-your-number-to-get-into-your-bank-accounts/

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