Mobile phone mast to go up on Stamford Brook Road in Altrincham

Stamford Brook Road: Google

According to GM Roadworks a trusted source of information a mobile network is doing work very close to Trafford College on 3 July 2020.

T-mobile could mean the mast is EE or even Three

We have not identified any masts in that area for any network just to be upgrading equipment as they often do, the nearest mast we are aware about is on Washway Road near the Pelican Pub.

It is though obvious a new mast is to be installed outside number 1 Stamford Brook Road, or work being carried out to put one in at a later date.

Having a 5G mast in this location will be very unpopular, however some masts do not need planning permission and residents or councillors cannot object, it seems this is one of them!

We have asked EE and Three for more information on exactly what work is being carried out and await a reply..

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