Warburton Lane housing development update

Graphic of where the new cycle path and bridge will be built in Partington

Trafford Council planning decided to gave the Warburton Lane housing development either side of Warburton Lane on the borders of Partington the thumbs down at a meeting held at the council previously.

Redrow decided then to give the final decision to the government due to an appeal they made, this appeal has now gone through all the stages and the event date has been made for 19th October 2020.

The hybrid housing development is gigantic and will swallow up lots of the green belt land, Warburton Parish Council and many others are against this housing development that will further add to the congestion and pollution issues in neighbouring Partington.

Warburton itself is a historical place, and needs to be kept as it is, the small village has been through a fair bit of late with the huge congestion issues due to problems on the Toll Bridge, and the threat of HS2 which we can say ‘Will’ happen.

It is Partington though we fear most for, with Countryside homes currently hard at work developing hundreds of new homes in the area, and work at Heath Farm Lane, work is due to start on a development on Oak Road soon and on land where the Greyhound pub once stood, with work at some point on demolishing the Partington Social Club making way for even more houses this will sink them.

No new roads planned, no new shops, no new nothing! just houses and more houses, more pollution, how are these people going to get in and out of the place?

We expect Redrow to win the appeal since the current government are infrastructure mad, some conditions though must come with it, one being a responsibility for the area, of course we are pleased with the new bridge and cycle/walk path that is due to be installed this though does nothing for the real needs of the good people of Partington.

Washway Road Medical Centre are to provide more doctors when needed, this will help a little a little, however with thousands more people in the area they will all need a new doctors surgery, this has not even been thought of yet!

Thousands of new people come with it thousands of more children! we do not know the current situation regarding how much more capacity the schools in the area have, we expect that in the years to come schools will have to be extended in the area for them to manage! where will the funding come from?

Roads are a big worry for many people, we are incredibly concerned with this, and nothing! absolutely nothing is to be built other than the possibility of the A1 road being opened up and a little lane for emergency service workers being built which has been opposed by a Carrington group worried about the Moss.

This alone will not help Partington or Warburton, we can only cross our fingers that the Redrow housing development despite the houses which do look very modern will be also thumbed down by the government.

We will have further updates on this housing development and any others that could spring up during the year.

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