New 20 metre 5G mast to be installed near Stretford Mall

Location of a new 5G mast in Stretford: Google

A new 20 metre 6 antenna 5G mast could be installed on Kingsway in Stretford if Trafford planning approve the application.

The network EE and Three will share this huge mast and comes with it two GPS modules, radio equipment and base stations.

This new mast comes very close to residential areas and business, a library is only yards away and the mast is not far from Victoria Park School.

Higher frequencies such as 5G as a big impact on children, it is a known fact that a child’s skull is very thin, these electromagnetic beams will cause a thermal effect that will cause damage to a child.

We urge all residents to object to this new mast, Stretford flats has a huge amount of 5G masts and others to cover a large part of Stretford, indeed looking at the coverage maps of all the networks we can see Stretford and surrounding areas have a full 5G signal.

Only the south of the borough and Partington has no 5G and we are hoping it stays that way.

Please object by logging into the Trafford planning portal, even if you do not want it because it will look out of place, every objection is counted.

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