Residents urged to object to a new 20 metre 5G mast to be installed in Flixton

Location where the new 5G mast will be placed: Google

Residents urged to object to a new 20 metre 5G mast which will be installed on Carrington Road in Flixton opposite Parsoange Road.

The O2 mast will be installed right outside The Garden Centre, this is in a mass residential area and will affect many people and business in the area.

In May this year Three councillors and the MP Kate Green including a local school was contacted about the 5G mast plans and to this date none of them responded to the network.

The nearest mast is near Flixton railway station, the network engineers cannot upgrade this mast and needed to find a more suitable place for this huge 5G mast which we think you will agree is most unsuitable.

5G is a dangerous technology, and needless, whilst we must always look at advancing technologies, this must not come with a risk to humans, animals and even insects! the risk is to great.

You are urged to submit your objections even if you do not like the look of it! everything will help, get on to your councillors, already a councillor has objected to one mast in Sale.

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