Owner of a clothes shop in Sale Square Shopping Centre calls it a day after 19-years

Raj Retiring after 19-years: Pic Darren Marsden

The owner of Angle Menswear has decided to call it a day after 19-years at the shop in the Sale Square Shopping Centre in Sale.

Raj tells us that in 1981 he had a stall on the market that used to operate close to where the shopping centre is now, he stayed there until 2002 it was then he moved in to the shop he has since had for 19-years, which means he has been in the business for 40-years.

After he has closed his shop for the last time, Raj will have a small break and onto new projects.

Long term customers and those that know him are devastated by his announcement, Raj was more than a shop keeper, he was a friend to everyone.

Staff at the centre are also upset that he is retiring, a leaving party is planned soon after his retirement on 15 July 2020.

Because Raj is closing down the shop, he is having a half price sale, jackets down from £40 to £15, t-shirts £3 and £5.

He had a small statement to give to all of his customers “Thank you to all of my customers over the years and thanks for your support.”

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