Vodafone deploys millimetre wave antennas the nasty side of 5G

Vodafone UK have started to roll out the second phase of 5G and other networks will follow shortly.

This is the part where we have said from the start political councillors are not aware about, this is the real nasty side of 5G.

A millimetre wave is so short it needs to be everywhere for someone to get anything from it, because its so short the amount of data it can provide is astronomical, it means for the end user internet speeds of around 600mbps or more! to understand what this means, it is about 7 times faster than normal broadband.

The problem is these masts/antennas will link to one another creating a grid of beams that could emit up to 300GHz of non ionising radiation, do not be fooled by the term ‘non-ionising’ the effects become greater at the higher frequencies.

If the second phase of the 5G roll out is allowed we will see antennas everywhere, on just about every lamppost, street furniture, in parks! even on the side of your wall, in bus shelters, in train and bus stations, possibly even on a bus or train! they could go everywhere and anywhere, their will be no escape.

We are incredibly concerned about the poor knowledge of some political councillors and would hope our articles and further articles will give them all the information they need, it does feel the silence is due in part because the government have told local councils they cannot say ‘No’ to the 5G roll out, however the council has a duty a legal right to protect all of its residents and so far they have failed us all.

Whilst Trafford Council told us in a FOI even before the first 5G cell was activated in Trafford that no 5G masts will go up (They lied to us) it is not too late to stop the roll out of the dangerous side of 5G, to do this we need everyone to contact your local political and parish councillors.

Tell them you do not want 5G in Trafford, contact your MP as soon as you can, we still have the chance to stop several 5G masts one being in Partington, if we all object it really helps councillors see that their is concern and they will then act.

Contact your local councillor https://democratic.trafford.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1

DO not leave this under the carpet! it will not go away 5G is dangerous in the second phase, this is where the power ramps up, this is where you object! we have the power let’s use it #Ban5GSaveLives

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