Pets and wildlife will be hit hard by 5G frequencies

Hare in a green space in Sale: Pic Darren Marsden

We have given you lots of information about how dangerous 5G will be for humanity, and now we talk about our pets and wildlife.

With the higher frequencies our pets will be hit hard, cats and dogs of course have thinner skin than a human so the thermal effects will upset the animal, it won’t know what is going on and get frightened.

Once the full roll out has been completed the non ionising radiation levels will be much higher, and with the millimetre wave antennas beaming even more everywhere and in every direction, your pet like yourself will not be able to escape.

Pets could end up running away, or going insane and dying, they will try and find water or even shade to find someplace where they may think they will get a break from the heat, because 5G will not go through dense woodland, this is where you and your pet will be best protected.

The thermal effect from 5G will go through the skin easily and heat up the inside, causing tumours and other health effects.

Wildlife will also be hit hard and those that did not previously hang out around woodland will start to do so and in numbers just to get away from the thousands of beams.

Many people think that 5G was the reason why birds fell out of the sky, no real proof of this, we noted that a flock of birds had dropped from the sky in North Wales, everyone thought it was 5G to blame, we checked it out and found no 5G mast was anywhere near the site they died!

We make sure everything we write is factual and not conspiracy, 5G is too risky to be messing around with conspiracies.

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