Yougov poll shows 80% of people in the UK do not want US imported chlorinated chicken

A recent YouGov poll shows that 80% of people did not want to eat US imported Chlorinated Chicken as part of a UK-US trade deal.

Chlorinated chicken is simply chicken washed in Chlorine which at high temperatures rinses of the bacteria, however it actually hides some of them, so when scanned for bugs the chlorine hides some of them meaning they go undetected and ends up making the consumer ill.

The UK has a ‘Farm to fork’ approach, with strict standards and a more ethical way of treating chickens means its a safer way all around.

In 1997 the EU banned chlorine washing chickens over food safety concerns, it is not the chlorine that is causing the concerns, it is the bacteria like Listeria and Salmonella that chlorine hides and according from what we have read is impossible to detect.

It is possible chickens that are chlorine washed are not looked after as, and being in huge flocks in dirty conditions simply because chlorine gets rid of many bugs and hides others is not acceptable by the majority of people in the UK.

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