Police called to kids fighting in Sale and warned of more problems

Trafford police posted on social media that they got reports of kids (possibly between 11 and 15-years-old) fighting on a field of firs road in Sale on 8 July 2020.

Many more kids were watching as the fight unfolded and police warned of more problems, with the rain falling and football on the TV it may have been better than expected.

We could see problems brewing as gangs of kids have been seen in Walton Park for weeks often throwing abuse at people, we have heard of a bike being stolen, the majority of kids of all ages actually behaved themselves and enjoyed the sunshine (when we last had some)

It is not known why the ‘minority’ always want to spoil things, maybe bored, snorting things, glue sniffing or taking laughing gas from a balloon, who knows? these people are probably nice kids, nice families and a background that many would be happy to be in, peer pressure though is a weird thing, like a magnet either you are with the gang or you fall from it, often if you choose falling from it then you could find yourself being treated like an enemy.

The worries about this gives the kid a decision that he or she may find confusing, and often the choice is needed within minutes, often scared of the leader the kid has no alternative but to stay with the gang, and this is how it works, they get involved in criminality eventually and they are the next prisoners of another generation.

It is going to be difficult to sort it out, get rid of one leader and another takes his place like a revolving door.

Fights in parks are common these days, we recall a fight between two lads in Walton Park in Sale a couple of years ago, maybe around 60 kids circled them, the fight was what you would expect, fortunately no knifes were present, police came from just about everywhere with one resident telling us it was overkill and did not need that many units which he told us was around 10 police cars and vans.

By the time they came just like today the kids were gone, and so if your in a local park watch out for a build up of kids in one area, this is where it all starts, if you get abuse by any of them we suggest just to ignore it, try to avoid going anywhere near a group, go the other way, keep aware of your environment, keep your head up and you will see things well before anything mad happens.

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