Latest ICNIRP guidelines sends 5G shockwaves into councils up and down the UK

The latest ICNIRP (International Commission of Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) guidelines offers proof 5G frequencies are dangerous.

Even the most sceptical person can now see 5G and indeed anything over 6GHz is harmful.

What stood out from the entire document was the poor research, the poor understanding from ICNIRP which did not offer any comfort, from what they knew it gave councils up and down the land proof that they really should be banning 5G completely for public safety.

The older guidelines like we have been saying for a while now were outdated, as the new guidelines clearly show 5G is a dangerous technology.

We will below give you some points we took from the latest guidelines which will help you understand the dangers, it will also be important to contact your councillor or MP about your concerns as 5G masts start to go up around the Trafford.

  • Thermal heating of the skin can reach 41 to 43c in humans at 94GHz (5G will be anything up to 300GHz)
  • Anything under 6GHz is likely to cause serious damage to the body after 6 minutes maybe less for children
  • SAR (Specific Absorb Rate) is now set at 6 minutes
  • Not enough research done
  • Anything over 10MHz will affect the nerves called (Nerve stimulation) this gets worse the higher the frequency.
  • EMFs cause an electrical field within the body and heats water molecules!

This is really much more disturbing than even we thought, one 5G mast has been refused by the council on Coppice Avenue in Sale, we need them all to be refused! sadly in the north of Trafford it is way too late as many 5G masts are already working, the EMFs in this area are much higher than in the south of the borough where 5G does not exist yet.

The problems will come when the second roll out starts this is where the millimetre wave antennas are deployed, already we know Vodafone have started work on this.

They will be very crafty about where these antennas are to be installed, we have heard some will actually be in the lampposts! you will not see them! this is really troubling us and worse is our councillors and parish councillors are blinded to the reality of how dangerous these things are to us, you, your family, your cat and dog, our wildlife, our insects, this is serious! and we urge you to contact your local councillors show them the updated ICNIRP guidelines below and tell them of your concerns and more importantly object to every application at your council.

We think T-mobile is EE/Three

Some masts do not even need permission from the council, we already see work being carried out by engineers for the networks EE/Three on a road in Davyhulme right next to a kids school! although we cannot say what they are doing at this site at this time, it looks obvious its a mast installation, you can see more on this on the Facebook group ‘Trafford residents against 5G’

We need all our political councillors on this and to re-think things before nodding the head for approving these dreadful masts.

ICNIRP guidelines can be read here: https://www.icnirp.org/cms/upload/publications/ICNIRPrfgdl2020.pdf

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