Mobile phone signal blackouts predicted if UK squeezes out Huawei

Mobile networks who have Huawei masts and other infrastructure will be watching closely as the UK government may squeeze the Chinese firm out of the country.

Vodafone and EE have both said mobile signal blackouts will happen all over the country and could take up to five years for the swap over to Ericsson equipment, the UK government want the takeover to happen by 2023 and that looks to be impossible.

It will also delay 5G by many years something we can be very pleased about.

The government think Huawei is a high risk vendor due to some belief the Chinese firm is linked to the Chinese government and feel they may use the equipment to cause the UK problems.

Huawei have insisted they pose no risk to the UK and have been operating in this country for 20-years.

If the Government does end Huawei’s involvement in mast infrastructure, what will happen is every mast will have to be taken out, the cells, wires and even base stations with Huawei equipment will be removed, that is around 120,000 masts up and down the country.

This will have an impact on the mobile phone networks, people on contracts will demand a reduction or some form of compensation, people will transfer to another network, the network Three currently shares its signal with EE this will kill off the Three network as it goes back to its 3G service that presuming their own cells are Nokia.

If Three does not have any Nokia or Ericsson masts the network will be dead, we shall have to wait and see what happens in the next couple of weeks when the decision is made.

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