Those over 75 will have to pay for the TV Licence from August

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

The BBC has today confirmed that all those over 75-years-old will have to pay for a TV licence from 1st August 2020.

No excuses can be made by the BBC for charging people over 75, for many of these pensioners battled hard in world wars to give us the freedoms we all have today, many are already troubled due to this crazy virus where misinformation and fear from government and big media firms caused much of the damage.

We though have a solution for all these people, and for every age group, and it is legal, many people over 75 will not even know how to use a computer or even own one so it will be for the family members or cares to help them out.

You need to do these simple things:

(1) Go to this website: https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/cs/no-licence-needed/about.app

(2) You tell them you do not watch live TV, listen to live radio or use iPlayer

(3) Choose that you watch videos, catch up TV

Note: only do from website not over the phone!

You will get a conformation they wont bother you for two years and you just repeat the process once they start bugging you again.

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