Parish Councillors in Partington treat themselves to 12 iPads with residents money

Partington Parish Council: Pic Google

Partington Parish Council had a murky past by anyone’s standards, thanks to us and an ex local Tory councillor we got them to come out of the cellar where they had been lurking for decades.

They have well and truly opened up and got themselves sorted out and on the way to making a difference in the community.

In recent times they bought a PA system no one knew about and at this time we still cannot find any information on the exact cost, sadly they now are going one further and possibly buying themselves 12 internet tablets which “we believe” are iPads.

They claim this is to reduce the carbon footprint, now do not mistake what we are saying here, reducing the carbon footprint is a good thing, however buying 12 internet tablets is not reducing the carbon footprint and it is coming out of residents pockets!

According to our research using an iPad uses 2.16 watts which = 0.0014 kilos of CO2 per hour which means in one year of using an iPad = around 2.74 kilos of CO2 now how is that helping to reduce your carbon footprint? Partington Parish Council would have added with all 12 tablets 32.88 kilos of carbon dioxide.

Not to mention each councillors carbon footprint per day, no doubt they all have a laptop, TV, mobile phone, a car, anything electric will create carbon dioxide so effectively giving each councillor a internet tablet is just adding to the problem and why would they care anyway! none of them are paying for it!

We suggest any residents concerned about what happens to the money you give them through the precept to look a little bit closer at the finances, keep checking the minutes and go to meetings, if you do go to meetings keep a pen and pad handy to take down notes that then you can show them how to cut CO2 without having to spend money on things they don’t need.

Please click here http://www.partingtonparishcouncil.co.uk/meeting-minutes choose 06/07/2020 and look at 5.0/1 we have screen shot proof above.

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