Partington gets its first 5G mast approved with the possibility of a serious gas explosion

Trafford Council has approved the EE/Three 5G mast on Chapel Lane in Partington which will be seen for miles around.

We are already very concerned with 5G and all of its health risks, something even worse could happen at this site, not only are trees going to come down but the chances of engineers fracturing a Major Accident Hazard gas pipeline only 3 metres away is very real.

It might be though since Huawei has been banned from 5G in the UK that this mast never gets to see the light of day, so we can only keep our fingers crossed.

The council though have put many lives at risk by approving this mast, not only because of the health issues from 5G frequencies but now by the possibility (even if it is small) that a gas pipeline could be damaged.

The three political councillors and those at the Parish Council are either not interested or ignorant to the possibilities of danger to the public, we cannot accept this crazy situation and ask for the council to do a u-turn on this mast.

We ask residents to also contact their MP not the councillors who are all at sea, you can also contact the council directly.

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