Wearing of face masks in shops compulsory? really?

A Co-op foodstore (not the one the manager works in)

We have today spoken with two managers of local shops and both told us some very useful information.

From the 24 July 2020 it is compulsory to wear a mask or face covering in a shop or a supermarket, however one store manager of a Co-op told us that you do not have to wear a mask, they will not be enforcing anything and all they will have (like all of the other stores) is posters on the wall or doors.

The manager of a Co-operative food store also told us that they fear a backlash as some people will turn up with a mask expecting others to do so (the other manager also feared the same thing), she told us the rule should have never been made mandatory and was not only unfair to her regular customers and staff, it was unfair on the police who in Trafford have no staff to carry out such a stupid issue.

The wearing of a face mask should have been encouraged.

However, because it is mandatory if police did come in the shop or store you will be told to leave or face a fine of £100 or £50 if you pay it in a certain time limit.

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