Land opposite Cross Lane Park in Partington has been sold

Land sold on Moss Lane in Partington

The five acre site on Moss Lane in Partington has now been sold to a mystery buyer, the site opposite Cross Lane Park is currently vacant green belt land.

We expect and it is only a guess the land has been bought by a house builder and we also expect an application will be given in to the council at some point during 2020 which is when we will find out if houses are to be built on the land.

If housing does go up it could mean over 600 new flats and homes will be built.

It could mean a new road will also be built that goes on to Covershaw Lane which will further cause traffic issues.

We shall have to wait and see who exactly has bought this land, Avison Young who sold it have not told us anything more about the sale at this time only to confirm it has been sold.

We will keep you all updated and will update this article when more information is known.

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