Trafford Labour councillor objects to a 5G mast in Flixton

Location of a 20 metre 5G mast: Google

A Trafford Labour Cllr has put in an abjection to a 5G mast that could go up in Trafford.

The councillor Simon Thomas has objected to a mast on Woodsend Road in Flixton due to the proximity of where the mast is and issues for access issues for the partially sighted.

We do not agree though that the mast should be build 50 metres away at Woodsend car park.

The application has so far received 25 objections from concerned residents, we want more people to object to the mast even if you do not live in the area, all objections count, even if you think 5G is safe (we can prove it isn’t) but do not like this huge pole being planted right in the middle of a pavement, all objections matter, please have your say.

Click this link to have your say https://www.trafford.gov.uk/planning/planning-applications/comment-on-an-application.aspx

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